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Fast, Robust Internet Service In The Most Difficult Terrain and Underserved Areas.

The “digital divide” in both rural and urban communities across the country is a far bigger problem than most people realize – unless you live in one of those under-served areas. Vanguard Internet’s singular mission is to address and eliminate that problem so that where you decide to live doesn’t mean you get left behind.

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Why Choose Us

Wifi Seamless

All your devices, all the time, at the speeds you want! Our Wifi Seamless plans deliver it all with rock solid reliability.

Professional Installation

Our professional install teams are certified, insured, and best in class with years of experience. They treat you and your property with respect and make sure every job is done right the first time.

Flexible Plans

Need even more speed? We’ve got you covered with upgradeable plans that will peel the paint off your internet connection. Need more? Just ask us!

World Class Support

Our network operations center (NOC) monitors the entire network and all user connections 24/7/365. In most cases, if there is a problem, we know it before you do and are already working to resolve it. Our support personnel are skilled, prompt, friendly, and have only one goal – total customer satisfaction.

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Who We Are

The Internet You Deserve, No Matter Where You Live, Is Finally Here!

Your internet service will be fast, reliable, affordable, and scalable – regardless of where you live. And our support team will be there for you 100% in the rare event that you experience a problem. In our world, it really is ALL  ABOUT  YOU!

Our Team

Randy Bailey


Randy Bailey | CEO - Vanguard Internet | Fast and Affordable Internet Providers

Edward Dunn


Edward Dunn | CIO - Vanguard Internet | Fast and Affordable Internet Providers

Justin Bailey


Justin Bailey | CTO - Vanguard Internet | Fast and Affordable Internet Providers

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Vanguard Internet’s mission is to bridge the digital divide in both rural and urban areas with the fast, reliable, affordable internet service that all communities deserve.

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